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Safety Culture Ladder Webtool

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Safety Culture Ladder Webtool

The Safety Culture Ladder is a certification scheme for the purpose of assessing, measuring and continuously improving safety awareness and safety-conscious working practices. With the Safety Culture Ladder, NEN has also developed a Safety Culture Ladder Webtool. Companies can easily use this webtool to formulate a self-declaration.

How does this webtool work?

The webtool is what is known as a SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire). Using a number of questions, you can test and analyse the safety culture in your company and analyse how the safety of your employees is embedded in the organization. As administrator of the webtool, you can easily send and manage the SAQ. The questionnaire has 233 questions and respondents can stop and save it part-way through, and continue with it later.

When creating a questionnaire, you can indicate the step for which you wish to be certified. The respondents are then only given the questions for that step (and also for the lower steps) to answer.

Online file (SAQ+)

As a Safety Culture Ladder Webtool user you can use the Online file to give your clients access to documents relating to the current status of your safety culture for the SAQ statement and the Experience statement. You put the documents in the Online file yourself and you specify which ‘readers’ can view these documents.

The Online file has been set up for the following documents:

  • SAQ report: a Safety Culture Ladder Webtool report which details the Safety Culture Ladder scores and steps that you have achieved.
  • GAP analysis: an analysis in which you specify which elements you have not yet achieved for the next step on the Safety Culture Ladder.
  • Action plan: a plan listing your company’s safety culture actions for the coming period.
  • SAQ statement: a declaration from a Ladder Certification Body (LCB) stating that the aforementioned documents are present and that they meet the quality requirements. You put this document in the Online file yourself once you have received it from the LCB.
  • Experience statement: an LCB evaluation of the presence and quality of the safety culture and whether the aforementioned documents are present and meet the quality requirements. You also put this document in the Online file yourself once you have received it from the LCB.

Online file reader
As a reader you can view documents in your contractor’s Online file. You will receive an email from NEN to set up your password. Once you have created your password, you will be able to login with your email address and password and then view the documents.

Benefits of Safety Culture Ladder Webtool

  • Easy to send SAQ invitations
  • Clear reports
  • Clear result with your rung on the ladder

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