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Safety Culture Ladder Webtool

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Safety Culture Ladder Webtool

The Safety Culture Ladder is an assessment method aimed at measuring the safety awareness and safety-conscious working practices (culture and behaviour) in companies. The emphasis is on the safety culture of the organisation.

NEN manages the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) and has developed the Safety Culture Ladder Webtool. This web tool enables companies to carry out a self-assessment as part of a certification process. The self-assessment can also be performed separately from the certification process, for example as a baseline measurement or a low-threshold method to learn about the various aspects of the SCL.

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How does this webtool work?

The web tool contains a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and offers the possibility to build up an Online File.

Before you start, it is important to know what steps there are on the Safety Culture Ladder. There are five steps, which indicate the development stage that a company has reached in relation to safety awareness.

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Based on questions from the SAQ, you will gain insight into the safety culture of your organisation. There are two questionnaires available: SAQ Compact and SAQ Extended. The questionnaires are structured according to the certification scheme of the Safety Culture Ladder.
As administrator of the webtool, you can easily send out and manage the questionnaire(s). We recommend that you send the questionnaire to a representative group from all layers in the organisation, such as the operational staff, department managers and people in an advisory role.

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Online file (SAQ+)

The Online File allows you, as the user, to give external parties (e.g. a certifying body or purchaser) insight into the current status of your organisation’s safety culture. You place the documents in this Online File yourself and specify who has access to these documents. You can share the following documents: SAQ report, GAP analysis, an action plan, an SAQ statement and an experience statement.

For readers of the Online File

Do you work for a CB? Or are you a client/purchaser? As a reader, you have access to the Online File of your clients/contractors. You will receive an email from NEN to set up your password. Once set up, you can log in with your email address and password and then view the documents from the Online File.

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Benefits of Safety Culture Ladder Webtool

  • Choose from a short SAQ (SAQ Compact) and a comprehensive SAQ (SAQ Extended)
  • Send SAQ invitations easily
  • Monitor results with clear reports
  • Invite certifying bodies to have access to your documents
  • It is a mandatory part of the SCL Light and Approved Self-Assessment certification products.

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Would you like to learn more about the Safety Culture Ladder? NEN has the following training courses available:

Safety Culture Ladder auditor training course (two days)

The goal of the training course is to learn to assess the safety culture in companies according to the Safety Culture Ladder certification scheme on steps 1 to 3. As the course progresses, you will get to know and recognise the various business aspects of the Safety Culture Ladder through practical exercises.
This training is interesting for internal auditors and system auditors.

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